Jim Sinur's Top Ten #BPM Developments for 2010

Scott Francis
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Jim Sinur has listed his top 10 BPM Developments for 2010, and a few choice bits:
[…] 9.  There are several vendors exhibiting spectacular growth rates (north of 60%) even with the power vendors making an impact. 10.  BPM is enabling greater leverage of existing application / package portfolios
I don’t have great access to the growth #’s for the software vendors, but I’ll bet Jim does.  And the growth rates don’t really surprise me – we’ve seen a lot of activity in our sphere, so to speak.  BPM is clearly going more and more mainstream.  The other day I mentioned BPM to someone at a social event and they actually knew what I was talking about.  (Please, don’t judge me for mentioning BPM in a social context – someone asked me what I do for a living!)


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