Fascinating TechCrunch Article on the New Enterprise Customer

Scott Francis
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Anyone involved in Enterprise software or hardware companies should read this article from TechCrunch.  It has a few key insights, that mirror what I’ve been observing, but put it into words much better than I could have:
20 years ago, the technology adoption curve generally conformed to the following order: 1. Government, specifically Defense and Intelligence organizations. 2. Businesses, with large businesses going first and smaller businesses adopting later. 3. Consumers Today things have completely reversed. The latest technology goes to consumers first, followed by small enterprises that behave like consumers, then larger ones, then the military. The stunning reversal is one of many profound side effects of broad scale Internet adoption.
The reversal in the cycle has really interesting ramifications for businesses who sell to other businesses… But this shift is going to take a lot longer to change Fortune-500 buying cycles than people anticipate…