BPM for Twitter?

Scott Francis
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In Blueworks Live, we almost have a “twitter” client for a BPM offering. In Austin, a new startup, Mass Relevance, may be building the better mousetrap for processes involving twitter – they recently received funding from the usual suspects, including one of Austin’s favorite investors, Mike Maples, Jr.  The founders include the developers of @tweetriver (Brian Dainton and Eric Falcao) and Sam Decker, the former CMO of Bazaarvoice (which really owns the process of collecting, and curating, customer reviews and feedback for all kinds of online merchants). It’s a great founding team and they have some particular expertise in the space – so I’m looking for something truly interesting from these guys. It is also another healthy sign for Austin. Perhaps Mass Relevance is building the BPM for Twitter. Congratulations to the team – but of course now the real work starts!