Lombardi BPM on the Road

Scott Francis
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The IBM Lombardi blog has an update on their Roadshow, where they are showing off the Websphere Lombardi Edition product:
Impact 2010 proved to be a launching ground for Lombardi BPM. Since the flagship event in May, Lombardi BPM has been introduced to a global audience through 20 Impact Comes To You events.  Beyond Impact, Lombardi continues to travel and speak at conferences around the world.  Take a minute to read some highlights from a few of our most recent shows and mark your calendars for an upcoming event near you.
More info on their blog.  I’ve been impressed with how wholeheartedly IBM has adopted the Lombardi product and made it a key part of their messaging.  It really did start at Impact and it has only picked up steam since then. I also wanted to offer a shout out to an old friend (and customer), Farrukh Humayan, of PNC.  He’s a great speaker and communicator, and he has a great story to tell about BPM.  I first worked with him during the proof of technology for Lombardi BPM at National City, before it was acquired by PNC.  Nice to see him beating the drum for BPM at an event like this, some 5 years later!