A Personal Branding Process

Scott Francis
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I saw this blog post the other day, regarding a friend of mine in Austin, who has built up a career as a sought-after speaker at networking events:
Here’s what Thom is doing that is crazy brilliant – he’s establishing his subject matter expertise and thought leadership in a series of 10 posts (you can write 10 posts, can’t you??) that is — and this is key — directly communicating to the meeting planner (think: hiring manager).  This is the person who will make the decision on who to bring in. In these ten posts Thom proves that he’s the guy…. not by saying how great he is, but by sharing his subject matter expertise and thought leadership. After reading through these posts how could a meeting planner not realize that Thom is going to “get the job done!”  That is, he’s going to bring excitement and success and empowerment to each attendee.
Check out the original post for the real scoop.  And check out Thom Singer if you need the right guy to speak at your conference.


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