It isn't BPM: It's Competition

Scott Francis
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Keith Swenson says BPM makes the workplace more stressful:
It is really quite simple: in the workplace there is a mix of routine work and knowledge work.  Routine work is repeatable and predictable in pattern.  Knowledge work, however, is different every time and makes us think hard about what to do for this particular situation.  Routine work can more easily be automated with a BPMS.  Therefor, the mixture of work is shifting toward having less routine work, and more knowledge work.  Automate work never results people becoming idle.  Business being always competitive, people are expected to keep busy with whatever most needs to be done, and that is increasingly knowledge work.
I like the straw man Keith presents (you should read it all).  But it isn’t BPM making work more stressful – it is competition that does that.  Capitalism and competition.  BPM is just one of the tools we use to address that competition.  We don’t blame the nail gun for making construction more stressful – we blame the competitive pressures that cause the need for speed to be so great.