Activiti Updates Galore

Scott Francis
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Lots of news on the Activiti front lately. First, Tom Baeyens has a list of what industry experts are saying about Activiti.  I was even mentioned in this summary – a sure way to get a mention in our blog ;) Next, Tom announces that Beta 1 is released (Nice to be out of alpha!).  It includes a release of Activity Cycle, contributed by Camunda.  Pretty good stuff. All of this is followed by a re-org of the wiki, and the announcement of the first iPhone App for Activiti.  I’ll just say I think the iPhone app follows the obvious path – I’d like to see something a bit more… creative… but you have to start somewhere, right?  I’d like to see something a bit more dynamic… maybe I’ll have to write an iPhone App though before I criticize someone else’s efforts. Seems as though progress on Activiti is going well.  Congrats to the various contributors –

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