Move Along People, There's Nothing to See Here

Scott Francis
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One of the more entertaining comments in the whole BPM, “you’re not my father” (Star Wars reference, sorry folks) debate:
Using an object model and letting actors express processes in terms of assembling (and continuously changing) those objects in the desired way is a very powerful way of creating applications. Is it an application? Is it a BPM process? Is it a Mashup? Who cares? The technical questions have to be asked at some point in time, but at first one needs to check with the business if they can get the functionality they need ASAP, and if they can adapt it any time they want. We are discussing the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ here, I’m afraid. Let’s go and do something productive.
I think there is entirely too much gnashing of teeth over the new three letter acronym.  I might have to check out what Max’s product (Papyrus) really does now, after reading three interesting comments from him in as many days. In the main body of the post, Keith rightly points out that there was way too much focus on BPEL in the BPM community, despite protestations from some fairly vocal members of the community.