Web Applications Masquerading as Processes

Scott Francis
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Or was that the other way around? Prashant Gadgil gave a presentation at bpmCamp 2010 @ Stanford on this topic – because often business process problems are described as a process but require a full-fledged web application to properly address – or vice versa.  His talk focused on helping differentiate between the two – or to know when you are stepping outside the sweet spot of what a BPMS usually offers you.  Still, if you have a process, you don’t want to lose sight of it as you build out your web application’s functionality! There was more ground covered in discussion but I don’t have notes from this session, so the slides will have to suffice! Prashant was generous enough to allow us to publish via slideshare (and they are also available to bpmCamp participants via the bpmCamp wiki site). More to come from bpmCamp notes in the coming week…