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Scott Francis
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Having just referenced Connie Moore’s thoughts on collaborative BPM, it seems a propos to then turn our attention to “the process wiki” – which I learned about through Keith Swenson’s blog post (“Rise of the Process Wiki”) on the subject (and I’ve since seen a couple of additional references). If something like the process wiki takes off, it could really change some things in the BPM world.  I’m still a little underwhelmed by what is already in the wiki, but I think that is partly because the vendor-specific collaboration forums offer more interaction with the models directly.  But, where I can see real value is in promoting discussion of the processes that are posted, trade-offs in design, etc.  That’s where it would play to a wiki’s strengths, in my opinion. You can find a pretty good discussion of the site on Keith’s blog, as it dovetails nicely with his interest in model portability and XPDL as a vehicle for such.