Connie Moore Weighs in on Collaborative BPM

Scott Francis
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Connie Moore’s (of Forrester) recent posting on collaboration and BPM got my attention primarily for the following quote:
But I’ve been a voice crying in the wilderness. I’m not kidding.  Whenever I would talk about collaboration with BPM vendors, they would somehow think I was talking about straight through processes between companies. That’s collaboration, right???  And whenever I would talk about BPM with content and collaboration vendors, they would look at me blankly and mumble something about using simple workflow for approving documents.  It felt like two disconnected worlds that desperately needed to find each other.
I can very well imagine this conversation with these vendor communities.  Connie sees reason for optimism, and I agree – but we still have a long way to go on this front.  Keep fighting the good fight!