Recession-Proof IT Sectors?

Scott Francis
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In Jason Stamper’s blog “What are the 10 most recession-proof IT sectors?“.  He has some interesting calls, and for the most part, I agree with him.  The point isn’t so much, which sectors will grow, its which sectors will perform well relative to the “average” for IT in 2009. Some of the calls are pretty easy:  Virtualization and Open Source Software for example (everyone likes more software running on the same hardware in a tough environment, or better yet – free software!). Mr. Stamper makes a great case for why cloud computing (and SaaS) will do well, and why they are, essentially, merging as a concept or market.  I think he’s right, and that this space will grow in 2009, but there may be a shakeout among some of the nascent players, in my opinion.  And the *real* leverage on these technologies is probably further out than just the next year… Mobile computing is another easy putt.  With the iPhone selling in the millions, and the android-based market for phones picking up steam, there will be a much greater number of phones that can run mobile applications that are not directly controlled by the telecommunications providers (finally!). We couldn’t agree more about integration and BPM.  We’re obviously biased, but we see this space as critical for companies to cut costs in a long-term, sustainable way.  Not to mention, to cut costs in an intelligent way.  Of course, only time will tell if Mr. Stamper’s predictions (and our own) will bear out.  We’re doing our best to prove him right in the spaces we play in.