Another Author’s Take on Blueprint

Scott Francis
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I ran across Colin Canfield’s blog entry “First impressions of Lombardi Blueprint” today and thought I’d share the link for two reasons – one, it reads like they are fresh impressions from just having used the product, and two, he has some experience with other tools (specifically he mentions Aris).  Unfortunately his blog only posts once in a great while, which explains why I hadn’t found it before. Among the strongpoints from his point of view:  being SaaS and well-suited to collaboration, smooth transitions from a process listing view to a process flow view (BPMN) to a process documentation view.  And he compares it favorably to Visio, which is always a good start. Among his complaints: lack of support for XPDL, requirement for named users for collaboration, and the re-use of artifacts within the diagram (for example, inputs and outputs).  (To this latter point, one could argue that sometimes tools get too much in the way of the user in order to force re-use, and that blueprint avoids this trap.  However, there’s a good argument for supporting both types of editing in a tool – one that encourages/requires re-use and one that allows more free-flowing editing).