11 Steps to Determining How to Source your BPM

Scott Francis
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Gartner published an article about the lack of skills needed to implement Business Processes, as well as 11 steps to take to determine whether you should source your BPM projects internally or externally. As an early colleague of mine used to like to say:  “The Genius of the And” (if I remember right, one of the principles from “Built To Last”).  Even if you have the internal skills to staff a BPM project, you’re likely to want to bring in a vendor-specific expert or an outside expert on process improvement for fresh perspective.  And if you’re a company that prefers to outsource these projects, you are going to benefit from seeding that external team with a well-informed person inside your own org, someone with a lot of institutional knowledge but also the confidence to buck conventional wisdom.  In other words, a little of both internal and external is probably the best of both worlds… Regardless of what you decide, don’t lose sight of the importance of the partnership between business and IT on these projects.